Using queues to organize your support

Queues are a powerful, flexible way to manage your support load with Tender. You can use them for everything from tracking common issues to grouping discussions by feature, by team, priority level, or assigning discussions to individuals-or all of them at once! Queues allow team members to be focused only on discussions that are relevant to their expertise, without having to search through all discussions. Let's see the many ways in which Queues can work for you.

Assign a Discussion to a Queue

In the header of every discussion’s page, you can assign it to a queue simply by clicking the ADD TO QUEUE button in the header. If it’s already in any queues, it will tell you how many queues the discussion is in.


From your dash, you will now see that discussion was placed in the Billing queue.


Pinned queue

Use our Pinned queue, another quick and easy way to see all "Open" or "Pending" discussions in your favorited queue. Just click the thumbtack icon for a sticky view of the queue you wish to see on your dashboard.


You'll see the number of discussions in that queue appear in the highlighted box on the upper-righthand corner. Click on the highlighted box to view the discussions.


Manage Subscriptions

Use queues to assign discussions to team groups or individuals by going to Manage Queues from your dashboard. Click on the queue to edit and select the desired supporter(s).


Support staff may choose to receive email notifications on certain queues simply by subscribing on their Manage Account page under Email Subscriptions.


Automatically Assign Discussions to Queues using Filters (available on Pro plan)

You can use a filter to automatically assign a discussion to a specific queue. Simply go to your dashboard and click Account & Settings from the header, then click Settings. On the settings page, select Discussion Filter from the left side nav bar and Create a Filter.


An example of a filter could be if there is a text match for Billing or Credit Card, it automatically adds the discussion to the Billing Queue.


**Filters are available on our Pro plan.