Unclaimed Profiles

Every once in a while you may encounter a support issue that states it comes from an unclaimed profile. This occurs when a someone with an account creates an issue without logging in. This means that we cannot determine with 100% certainty the issue comes from the user.

How does a discussion get into an unclaimed state?

Ideally, you should never see unclaimed issues -- unfortunately users will be users, so you may see them from time to time.

  1. Someone with an account on your Tender starts a new discussion while logged out
  2. The user is redirected to the login screen after posting the issue with a message noting they need to log in to claim the issue.
  3. The user does not log in and leaves the site
  4. The issue is marked as private (to hide from the public) and put into an unclaimed state

How do I move a discussion out of unclaimed?

When viewing an unclaimed discussion, there is a button with a link to the profile of the user as well as a claim button. Clicking the claim button will associate the discussion to the user and take the discussion out of it's unclaimed state.

Why can't I reply to an unclaimed discussion?

Since we are not sure if the owner of the email address in fact opened the issue, we can't send an email notifying them of replies to the discussion. To solve this, we disallow responding to unclaimed discussions. To reply, you need to claim the discussion for the user.