How do I merge two discussions?

Tender has an awesome feature which allows you to merge users and discussions. We are often asked why this feature is not always available, so here’s the breakdown:

Merging will become available to you when someone replies by email to a discussion they do not have access to. This typically happens when someone uses two email addresses; they start a private conversation with one, but then reply from the other one (like work and home).


Since the conversation is private, and the new email address has not been authorized on that discussion, we can’t add it to the discussion, so we split that comment into a new discussion. We do recognize that it was a reply to the original discussion though, and that’s when we offer you the chance to merge it. This allows you to validate that the comment is legitimate before granting access to the private discussion.


Voila! The two discussions have now been merged.


Down the road, we’d like to expand the feature to enable the merging of several discussions from many different users. This would come in handy when replying to several users experiencing the same issue.

Merging users

When the merge dialogue comes up, you may also be given the choice of merging the users, in which case the two users mentioned in the dialog box become effectively one and the same. This will occur when an unregistered user replies to a discussion started by a registered user.


Tender Tip: BEWARE!! While the ability to merge users is particularly useful, it can indeed lead to some weird stuff when they are not the same person. We’ve made sure you can’t merge your support staff and Jane Doe user profile together, but just keep an eye out when clicking that merge button to ensure two unconnected user profiles aren’t merged unintentionally.