Generating an HAR file

Sometimes, when you encounter complex issues with Tender, such as troubles with SSO, we need some information to help you debug it. This article explains how to generate an HAR file, which contains a record of a browsing session. You will need the Chrome browser.

Opening the inspector

Chrome comes bundled with Developer Tools. You can open this special panel by right clicking anywhere on the page, and then choosing Inspect Element:


Then select the Network tab:


Recording your session

Once the Network panel is open, you need to start recording. At the bottom left of the panel, there is a little round button:


Click on it, and it should become red:


From now on, everything you do in your browser will be recorded.

Refresh the page

Refresh the page, or go to the page where you want to start recording, and navigate as you would normally: click links, fill forms, etc...


Saving the recording

Once you are done navigating, right click inside the panel:


Choose Save All as HAR:


You can now upload this file in the discussion.