Updating discussions through email commands

If you are a support user on a site, you are able to update discussions by replying to the email notifications. Here are the commands you can use:

# spam (marks the discussion as spam)
# delete (moves the discussion to the trash)
# trash (same as delete)
# acknowledge (keeps the discussion from showing up in the pending inbox)
# ack (shortcut for acknowledge)
# resolve (resolves the discussion)
# public (make the discussion public)
# private (make the discussion private)
# internal (makes the reply an internal support staff reply **available only for support staff**)
# mine (assign to yourself)
# assign NAME (assign to a single support staff)
# assign none (remove assignment)
# queue QUEUENAME (moves the discussion to the specified queue)
# notify EMAILADDRESS (sets up the given user to be notified of updates to this discussion.

All users (support, regular, anonymous) can also use:

# ignore (stop receiving emails for the current discussion)
# unsubscribe (stop receiving emails for all public discussions in the current category)

The commands all start with a #, and should contain nothing other than the command. For example, this will work:

# internal

But this won't:

This should be # internal

Queue commands also require you to specify the queue name on the same line.

One important point to remember is that all actions are stripped from the comment so that your customers will not see them. If your email has no other content other than the actions, then no comment will be posted for your email. This way you can easily reply to 'thanks' emails with # resolve without bothering the customer again.