Including custom information from your site

If you're currently using Tender's automatic login process then you can also enable passing custom information from your site to Tender like their username, phone number or any other information you might find useful.


Each custom field corresponds to a tender_x cookie, where x is your custom field name (for example tender_plan shows up as "Plan"). Here's a table of all the cookie values that need to be sent to get the output shown above:

Name Value
tender_name Joe Smith
tender_expires 1228117891
tender_hash HMAC HASH
tender_subdomain joestickets
tender_plan Bronze


If you happen to be using the tender_multipass plugin for Rails, your life is a bit easier. Just note the custom fields in your multipass method like so:

# /app/models/user.rb
class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  include Tender::MultiPassMethods

  # Use this hash to pass custom fields
  tender_multipass do |user|
    {:external_id =>, :account_balance => user.balance}