Using Tender's dedicated mobile view

Tender provides a dedicated mobile view to users on mobile device and tablets. It covers all public sections of the site accessible to users:

  • Homepage
  • Knowledge base
  • Discussions / Forums
  • Authentication
  • Search

Can I switch between the mobile and desktop view?

Yes! If you are on a mobile device, you will see a link at the bottom that allows you to switch back and forth between the mobile view and the desktop view.

Switching between views

My site uses custom CSS and I can't see the mobile view

Because the mobile view is slightly different than the regular view, most sites with custom CSS would break significantly on mobile (with their existing CSS). For this reason, in your settings ( Accounts & Settings > Settings > Appearance & Text ), you will find a dedicated field for a custom mobile CSS.

There is also a checkbox called "Activate mobile view for all users". It will be checked off by default if you have custom CSS. While this box is checked off, users on mobile device will still get the desktop view when visiting your site on mobile. Staff users will always get the mobile view if they visit on mobile (or on an emulated device). This allows you to build a dedicated custom CSS for mobile, look at it and use it as staff, and when you're ready, make it available to everyone.

Form field for custom mobile CSS

There are no admin controls for staff on discussions

We wanted to offer a mobile view to everyone as soon as possible. As a result, we worked hard to make all the user-visible parts of Tender available on mobile as soon as possible, and that's what is available now.

On our next iteration, we'll focus on bringing the rest of the Tender experience to mobile as well, so that staff users can fully interact with Tender on the go. But we did not want to delay a better experience for your users while we continue that work.

I have questions, comments, feedback

That's great! We love to hear from our users. Please emails us