Using Tender Themes


Theming is a simple way to customize the appearance of your Tender without custom CSS. It allows you to choose a color scheme built from a 10-color palette. Just like custom CSS, Theming only affects customer-facing views (e.g. not the staff-only views like the dashboard).

You can change your theme by accessing Account & Settings > Color Themes from the dashboard. Any staff member can modify and apply themes.

Theme Builder

The Theme Builder is the primary user-interface for building and selecting a theme for your site. It provides a list of themes, a 10-color palette and a live preview of your Tender site. You can edit or duplicate existing themes to customize them for your own needs, and navigate the preview to see how your color choices affect other views. You can even save your theme without activating it so that your co-conspirators can preview that wacky new hot-pink header bar before it goes live.