How do I add an image to a Tender knowledge base article?

Images can be added to your knowledge base articles several ways.

Externally hosted

If you host your images, you can use the <img> tag to include your image in your knowledge base article. Ex. <img src="link_to_your_file">. You can also use Markdown code, ![alt text](/path/img.jpg)

Using your File Drawer

Your Tender site includes file storage. When you are writing your knowledge base article you'll see your File Drawer to the right of your content textarea.


Click to toggle the File Drawer.


Upload image to File Drawer

To upload an image to your File Drawer, open the File Drawer and click on the "Upload a new file" button.

Embed image in your Knowledge Base Article

To place your image in to your knowledge base article, open the File Drawer and select and image. You will see a blue highlighted arrow (see screenshot).


Click on the arrow and it will place the image link in the article that looks similar to this: ![alt text](/path/img.jpg)