How do I create additional categories?

Tender comes with three default categories: Problems, Questions and Suggestions, but it is easy to create or re-name categories to fit your organization's needs.

To create a new category, click the "Manage Categories" link from the main dashboard.


From the new screen, click a "Create a Category" button:


This will bring up a screen where you can enter your category name. In this example, we've named the category "Billing"


You can use the check boxes to select if you want this category to be set to "private" by default, or be visible. In this example we are going to set the category be public and visible:


You can choose an autoresponder for this category while creating it.


You can also select a mail template to be sent when users receive notifications about discussions from the category.


Finally, you can use the summary section to write internal notes about the category.


Now, simply click the "Create Category" button, and your new category will be available to select by users and support staff.