How do I use discussion filters?

Filters let you automatically sort and apply actions to new discussions that come in to your site.

To get to the filtering options, go to Account & Settings in the dashboard, select Settings from the dropdown, and then Discussion Filters from the left sidebar.

Create a filter

There are two sections of the form. The first is the Search Criteria section, which contains the search parameters that you will be using to filter discussions. The second is the Actions section, which defines what will be done with the results of the search criteria.


Search Criteria

  • Category: Filter discussions based on the category they were submitted in.
  • From (name or email): Either a users name, or email. Use a comma to separate multiple users.
  • Subject: Contents of the discussions subject line.
  • Message has the words: Contents of the discussions main text body.
  • Extras Hash: Read the knowledge base article about this advanced filter feature.
  • Company: Based on a users Company association.

Once you have entered the fields for the desired search criteria, click the Run a test search option to run a check through previous discussions in your Tender site. This allows you to make sure that the search criteria is working correctly.


  • Add to queue: Will automatically add filtered discussions to the selected queue.
  • Mark as read (acknowledge): Mark filtered discussions as read, moves them from the Pending dashboard until next customer response updates discussion.
  • Make private: Will automatically make filtered discussions private.
  • Close discussion: Closes filtered discussions.
  • Mark as spam: Mark filtered discussions as spam.
  • Delete: Delete filtered discussions.

After a filter has been created, all new discussions coming in to your Tender site that match the search criteria will be automatically filtered according to the action you have set.