How do I create a Queue?

Using queues is a quick and easy way to organize your support work flow. In some ways, Queues work a bit like tagging — any individual discussion can be in multiple queues, so you can use them for everything from tracking common issues to grouping discussions by feature, or team, or even assigning discussions to individuals — or all of them at once.

Setting up new queues is easy. Just click the Manage Queues link from the pending dashboard view.


Now click on Create a queue.


Enter the title of your new queue and hit Create queue and you're done!


Email Notification

The last little bit of magic for queues is how email notification works. When you’re on the edit page of a queue (after clicking manage custom queues, then edit), you get to choose who is notified when an issue is thrown into a queue.


Alternatively, you can set which queues you are notified on in your My Profile page.