Changing Account Owner

Sometimes the person who set up the Tender account is no longer with your company. The easiest way to get access to your account is to have them transfer 'ownership' before they leave. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible, so the next best option is to do a password reset.

In worst-case scenarios where the old owner set up Tender with a personal account and not a general shared address in your company, for example, Mary who has left the company (, you can easily have your IT staff reinstate the old email address and do a 'lost password' which will email a link that provides authentication. Then you'll be able to login as them and either change the email address of that user account or switch to a different supporter.

If you don't have access to the email domain shared by the users in the company, and cannot provide reasonable additional proof, we are unable to switch account owner just because you email us or have a phone.