How do I integrate my Tender with Lighthouse?

Setting up Lighthouse integration with your Tender Support site requires a few simple steps.

To start off, here is some of the Information you will need

  • Lighthouse URL
  • Lighthouse project ID number
  • Lighthouse API Key

Lighthouse project ID

The Lighthouse project ID can be easily located from the URL to your Lighthouse project.


You'll need the ID number in the URL for the Lighthouse Setup form in your Tender Support settings.

Lighthouse API Key

For instruction to get your Lighthouse API Key, please see:

Site settings

Now that we have all the information we need and we've created our API Key, go back to your Tender Support site and click on the Dashboard link.


Next go to Account & Settings and Extras

Lighthouse Setup

On the site settings page, look in the left-hand sidebar and click Ticket Tracker


Then select Lighthouse:


Enter your information

Fill out the form with the required information then click Save


Share - The shared checkbox allows you to set a single Lighthouse profile's API that all users can create tickets from. For instance, if you have a bot user in Lighthouse that you wanted all tickets to be created by when they come from Tender Support. If you are creating a Lighthouse sync for yourself with your own API key, you can ignore this box.

File tickets from your Tender discussions

Inside a discussion on your Tender Support site, you will now see the Attach a Lighthouse ticket link in the sidebar


By clicking that link, you are now able to search Lighthouse and attach the discussion to a ticket, or create a new ticket in Lighthouse based on that discussion.


Search tips

Search for open tickets. When you are searching for tickets to attach to a discussion, you can use all the power of Lighthouse search queries. In particular, you can search for open tickets by using foo state:open.