What are Companies?

Companies allow you to organize a group of users under a single company name, granting them access to each others discussions and allowing for a shared support environment between you and the Company. You do not need to create a company for your own company, i.e., support staff.

Main features

  • Every member of a company gets access to all discussions belonging to the company.
  • Every member of a company gets notified about discussions belonging to the company.

What is a company discussion?

A company discussion is any discussion:

  • Created by a member of the company.
  • Replied to by a member of the company.
  • Watched by a member of the company.

More specifically, when a user, member of a company, creates a discussion, replies to a discussion, or is added as a watcher to a discussion, the company is added to the discussion as well. This automatically gives access to the discussion to any other member, and notifies any other members.

Accessing discussions

Every user can look at the all their company discussions by going to their profile, and clicking on their company name:

listing discussions


By default, all members of the company will receive updates about every company discussion. You can change the default on the company page:

Change company default

No matter what the default is for the company, each user can opt out (or opt-in) by updating their notifications preferences. To update your preferences, click on your name, then "Edit your profile":

edit your profile button

And then in the notification section, you will find the company option:

company option

Adding a watcher

You can add the company directly, or one of its members:

adding a user adding a user

You will then be able to see all the members in the watchers window. Click on "X people watching":

watchers list

watchers list