How do I integrate my Tender with Github?

In addition to Lighthouse, Tender also supports Github Issues! And what's more, setting it up is easy!

Site settings

First, go to settings by clicking on the Dashboard link.


Next go to Account & Settings and Extras

Github Setup

On the site settings page, look in the left-hand sidebar and click Ticket Tracker


Then select Github Issues:


If you are not already signed in, you will need to sign in:


And then authorize Tender:


Choosing your repository

Once you authorized Tender, you will be presented with a list of your repositories. When you select a repository, you will get a preview of the issues in the repository.

If you are not the repository admin, there is one more step: you will have to go and configure the Tender hook in your repository settings. More on that in a minute.


Creating the hook

If you are the repository admin, you have nothing to do:


If you are NOT the repository admin, you will get this message instead:


You will need to ask the repository admin to go to the repository settings (, select Tender in the list and fill out the domain and token:


Once this is done, save your tracker and you're good to go.

Assigning tickets

Assigning and creating tickets for Github Issues works exactly the same as for Lighthouse. On each discussion, you will see a link in the right sidebar:


If you have several trackers, a select box will appear:


And you get to select which platform to use: