Adding a graphic or logo to your Tender site header

You can easily set your own image to be displayed instead of "Your Site Support". Under Site Settings - Appearance & Text - Custom CSS add some css something like this:

#logo a {
  background: url( white no-repeat top left !important;
  text-indent: 200px;
  padding: 0px !important;
  color: #000 !important;
  width: 400px;
  height: 45px;

This will show the existing title ("Your Site Support") next to the logo.gif file (hosted on your server). If you want to hide the title text completely, set text-indent to -9000px. (This trick is called image replacement, and screen readers can still read the text).

If your CSS changes don't show up at all, remember to include the !important flag to ensure the existing style is overridden.