User Class-Important & Beta

User class is our way of providing the minimum amount of access control and segregation possible. Many of you have two main versions of your software or application: the normal version, and a beta version with features not generally available. You want to have articles and categories available to those users without revealing that information to the public.

You also tend to have regular users, and a separate class of important users — whether they’re paying more, need special handling, or you just love ‘em because they always open nice, detailed and friendly support requests. User classes are also applicable to KB sections and Categories.

You will first need to enable this feature by going to Account Settings -> Settings -> Site Settings and selecting Enable beta users. Hit Save.


To assign multiple users at once, go to Settings -> Users and check on any users’ checkbox. Click on Set Flags below the user names to set Beta Access or Important User.

You can also assign this on the individual users' edit page.

*Class may also be applied in the SSO payload if you're using Multipass and automatically logging in users from your site.


From your dashboard, go to Manage Categories and edit or create a forum category with the same toggle.

Knowledge Base

Go to your KB sections admin page, and edit or create a KB section with the same toggle.

Any sections, KB articles, categories, or discussions flagged as beta or important won’t be visible to other users. Users who have access to see those sections and categories will have the results show up in searches, autosuggest and regular browsing.