How do I split a discussion?

The ability to split discussions can be useful for maintaining a customer's privacy, as well as a tool for basic workflow. Say a customer (in this case, Bill) has included private information in a public discussion. You would want to split that discussion up if another user has viewed/added to this discussion before your support team was able to get to it and mark it as private.

To split, first go into the discussion started by Bill and select Split next to Sandra's reply.


A box will pop up, allowing you to create a private, or public discussion with Sandra. We'll leave this discussion public, as it could be informative to other customers.


The conversation has now been split in two, allowing you to reply to Sandra separately.


Once you have replied to Sandra, it's time to answer Bill's question. You'll see This comment was split from the discussion: Change of Billing under Sandra's name. Click on that to bring you back to Bill's discussion.


From there, you'll be able to mark Bill's discussion as private and reply back.


You'll see the two discussions now appear separately in your dashboard view.