Introduction to Tender

What is Tender?

Tender is a simple, online customer support application that provides a better experience for your customers and your staff with the following features:

  • Collect Support Requests – We collect all your support requests and funnel them into your Tender site. From email, from the web, and from anywhere you can dream.

  • Organize Your Customer Care – Never let another support request slip through the cracks. Tender organizes your support in a simple way that makes sure you respond to every customer.

  • Help Your Customers Help Themselves – The best kind of support is the kind you don’t have to give. That’s why we take so much time building a smart Knowledge Base so your customers can help themselves.

  • A Seamless Experience – While we make sure Tender is beautiful in its default skin, we allow full customization. Make your support site feel like your brand, on your own domain.

  • Works With Your Existing Organization – Tender fits like a glove with your existing organization. Lighthouse synchronization keeps your developers in the loop.

You can start a Tender trial by clicking here