How to manage your Tender notifications

Tender notifications can be a powerful tool to manage your site via email. Notification preferences are found in the profile edit screen, (ex., go to Edit Your Profile and scroll mid-page where you’ll find Email Preferences. Select the notifications you want and click Update Permissions. If you don't want any notifications sent to you, make sure all options are unselected.


… of discussions I'm involved with

This is the default selection when someone creates a new profile in Tender. This preference will notify the user of changes in the discussions they have participated in (either by creating or commenting on the discussion).

… when someone starts a new discussion

Note: Support Staff users will get notifications for private and public discussions.

If you have this option selected you will receive a notification of every initial public discussion for a Tender site. You will not receive notifications after the discussion creation unless you have participated in the discussion.

… when a registered user starts a discussion without logging in

Note: Available to Support Staff users only

When a user creates a discussion on your Tender site but they are not logged in, their discussion is still created but will show "Unclaimed" as the creator of the discussion until support staff claim it for the user. Selecting this notification lets you know immediately when those instances happen so you can claim the discussion and they will get any automated replies you have set up.

… of all discussions in the "X" category

Note: Support Staff users will get notifications for private and public discussions.

If you have any public discussion category notifications set, you will receive ALL posts regardless of your direct involvement in the discussion.

… when discussions are added to the "X" queue

If you have created queues for your site, you'll see the option to receive notifications for them here. A single email is sent when a discussion is added to a queue. The discussion is not followed when this is the only choice selected.