How Tender's auto-suggest for knowledge base articles works

While users are entering a new discussion, Tender will search through the knowledge base in the background and automatically suggest anything that might help resolve their issue.

Add keywords to your knowledge base.

Each article has a field, "keywords". You should enter as many keywords as you can that will point to that article. This is not like tagging -- you have to literally type the keyword exactly as the user will type it. The auto-suggest will still search in the title and body of an article, but the keyword is worth 10x any word in the body.

Good examples of keywords: "milkshake boy yard"

Tender has an internal stop-word algorithm, which includes common words like "click", "page", "change", "also", which don't add anything to the search.

New: Call the autosuggest from your own site

You can search the knowledge base from your own site and fetch the results with json by making a jsonp call to Tender:

<script> var tender_callback = function(arr){ console.log(arr) /* do something here */ } </script>
<script src=""></script>